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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Find and Fix Leaks

We have determined over hundreds of commercial and residential leaks throughout orange county, delivering a non-abrasive service.

Our service is designed to detect and address leaks in your plumbing system promptly. Undetected leaks can lead to costly water damage and higher utility bills. With our expert team and advanced equipment, we can identify hidden leaks, ensuring the integrity of your plumbing and saving you from potential headaches.

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Our process

Don't Let Water Leaks Go Undetected

Our water leak inspection process is a comprehensive and systematic approach designed to detect and locate water leaks in your plumbing system. Our skilled plumbers follow these steps to ensure an accurate diagnosis:


Initial Assessment

Our experienced plumbers begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your property, looking for visible signs of leaks and gathering information about any water-related issues you may have noticed. This initial evaluation helps us determine where to focus our inspection efforts.


Advanced Detection Techniques

Using cutting-edge tools such as electronic leak detectors and infrared cameras, we perform a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing system. These advanced techniques enable us to identify leaks that are not easily visible, even behind walls or under the flooring.


Expert Recommendations and Repairs

Once the inspection is complete, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings. If we detect any leaks, we discuss the best course of action for repairs or necessary maintenance. Our expert plumbers can promptly fix the identified leaks to prevent further damage and ensure your plumbing system functions optimally.